What impact does the video game known as “Fortnite battle royal” have on kids and teenagers particularly with regards to communication?

The information technology industry has witnessed tremendous development and growth in the recent years. Specifically, there has been an influx of online games which have become popular and have attracted the attention of many people especially kids and teenagers. The Fortnite battle royal is one such online game that has become extremely popular among teenagers and kids. The game which was released in July 2017 gained so much popularity that by the end of January 2018, the game had 45 million downloads (Wanbaugh, 2018). In the month of March alone the revenues generated from the Fortnite game stood at $223 million. Fortnite is a game that people can access freely. However, players are pushed to buy some extras such as dance moves to rejuvenate the characters hence the game’s ability to significantly generate revenue. Moreover, it was reported that in February there were 3.4 million people playing concurrently at any given time (Wanbaugh, 2018). In this regard, the study is important so it can give an in-depth perspective on how the widespread adoption of Fortnite has affected kids and teenagers. The study is linked to communication because it shows the message that video games communicate to teenagers and kids that inadvertently influences their behavior. In other words, the impact of Fortnite on children can largely be attributed to the culture, information and knowledge that are transmitted through the game. In addition, the study is related to communication because the effects of Fortnite show how communication among children is affected. The study will be linked to communication theories/concepts to establish its relevance in the field of communication.

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