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Oxygen Due: Friday, 5 November 2021 Do all your calculations on a separate sheet of paper. Points will be deducted for work that is sloppy or not clearly labeled with the appropriate question number/letter. Be sure to show all steps of your calculations and also provide units (if appropriate) in every step of your calculations. 1. List three point and three non-point sources of water pollution. Be sure to clearly indicate which are point sources and which are non-point sources. 2. Using Henry’s Law, calculate the saturation value for dissolved oxygen in water at 25 oC when the atmospheric pressure is 750mmHg and the humidity is 0.0251atm. Note: 760mmHg equals 1atm of pressure and the KH for oxygen at 25oC is 1.28×10-3 mol/L-atm 3. The following problems refer to the ecological impact of pig slurry leaking into a local river. a. Calculate the COD for pig slurry that has an average carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen ratio of CH2O and a concentration of 47g/L of CH 2O

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