This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

Identify a clinical or organizational gap in practice.

Identify opportunity for improvement within a healthcare or public health organization.

  • Discuss the scope and significance of the problem supported by data.
  • Demonstrate scholarly communication in writing.
  • Overview
  • In this culminating Signature Assignment, you will develop a comprehensive overview of your proposed intervention or process change paper. You have identified a clinical or organizational gap in practice based on your interviews (Module 2 & 3), and analyzed the gaps and SWOT (Modules 4 through 6) to identify an opportunity for improvement within a healthcare or public health organization, and examined scholarly articles to determine the scope and significance of the problem supported by data. Now, you will showcase your work in a scholarly paper, using APA format and supportive references.

Action Items

Using APA format, write a formal paper. It is anticipated that your paper will be at least 7-10 pages long, excluding the cover page and references page, with appropriate citations (10-15 primary scholarly articles) to support your paper. Include the following components:

Introduction, in which you:

Provide an opening hook to catch the reader’s attention and describe what the reader will find in the body of the paper, limited to one paragraph.

  1. Describe the purpose of the paper.

Remember to use the title of the paper (centered and bold) followed by the introductory Do not use the heading “Introduction.”

Body sections, in which you:

  1. Include your findings based on the interview reports.

Synthesize from your review of gap and SWOT analyses. Your gap analysis will be in narrative form, but you may use a table or visual format for your SWOT analysis. If visual format is used, attach the visual as an appendix.)

Data from primary sources to support your findings and arguments.

  • Discussion, in which you discuss the implications of your Signature Assignment aligned with your findings from the analyses and interviews.
  • Conclusion, in which you:
  • Restate your thesis statement, summarize the main points and how they fit together.
  1. Do not introduce any new content.

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