Gemba Interview Questions

Brandy Blue

University of Phoenix


May 5, 2020

Gemba Interview Questions

  1. Is there a Standard work document for the cleaning process of the N/IICU?

Yes, there is a standard work document for the cleaning process for the rooms on the N/IICU (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  • Can this document be found in a central location?

Yes, the standard document for room cleaning of the N/IICU specifically can get located in the main office for Environmental or on the company Intranet under the N/IICU department (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  • How was the room cleaning process established?

The room cleaning process gets established through the guidelines of the hospital adhering to the state and federal requirements, which also includes the employees’ input. For reasons that they are the ones who perform the duties daily, they become a part of establishing the Standard. Staff is the people we depend on to know if a process is effective or ineffective. The staff remains considered for possible improvements to the progression of setting innovative standards for now and in the future (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  • What is the general process for cleaning a patient’s room?
  • If personal protective equipment (PPE) remains needed for the entry of a room, the staff is to make sure that it gets correctly donned before entering the room.
  • Only use the hospital, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved cleaner and disinfectant.
  • For patient room discharges, all medical equipment should be cleaned and disinfected with the proper agent as directed on the standard work document then place at the door to be removed and stored in its designated area.
  • Clean the bed surface from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Cleaning the bed surface includes the mattress, frame, head and footboard, both side rails, and any areas in between.
  • Dust and clean TV and remote
  • Clean the nurse-call device and cord
  • Clean all medical cables used for patients
  • Clean all areas that are frequently touched, which include countertops, window seals, closets, drawers, phone, chairs, door, bedside carts, light switches, trash cans, sink, etc.
  • Rooms that have windows with curtains should only get cleaned or replaced when they are noticeably soiled.
  • After completing the cleaning of a patient room, make sure that any PPE gets appropriately doffed before leaving the room, as well as making sure that your hands get washed with soap and water (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).
  • When performing a room clean is the materials and equipment needed readily available?

Yes, most times, the materials and equipment that is required to clean the N/IICU is readily available because it has its own designated room on the unit itself where it is stored  (J. Wright, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  • What are the procedures when the required materials are not available to clean a room?

Notify the charge nurse of the issue for delay of the room clean. Then the environmental service worker is responsible for reaching out to the team leader with an urgent request of the needed materials for delivery to the unit so that the job may get completed efficiently (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020). 

  • How did you learn to complete the task of room cleaning?

When hired, I had to do an in-class training and testing to learn all the guidelines for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). A competency test is also giving, and one must pass the test with a 90% or above. A four-week hands-on training with a team leader is to get completed as well. During that time, I got shadowed on the steps of the cleaning process for both the assigned department, which remains the N/IICU, along with other departments in case of transfer (J. Wright, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  • What are the process inputs, and how are they produced or procured?

The process inputs remain intended to make available a germ and bacteria-free environment for both current and newly admitted patients daily (J. Wright, personal communication, April 30, 2020). These inputs get produced by providing the best service possible through the trained staff assigned to the unit by the Environment Service Department (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020)

  • What are the expectations of this process getting accomplished effectively?

The expectations of environmental cleaning and disinfecting are required to be effective because there are patients that are very sickly with a lot of drug resistance. Therefore, the purpose of the cleaning and disinfecting process is to get rid of infectious contagion from surfaces in the patient areas. The method of cleaning is in addition to the cleaning of the equipment where patients obtain and receive care. Cleaning is within the intention of avoiding any transmission of germs or viruses from person to person (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  1. How does this process support the main goals of the N/IICU and the hospital as a whole?

The room cleaning process performed by the environmental service staff supports both the hospital and the N/IICU as a whole by providing cleanliness throughout the hospital to prevent prolonged recovery. As we know, health systems are dangerous because of the spread of germs that can expose and compromise other patients who are presently at risk. Therefore, the goal of the hospital is to maintain a preventable process of reoccurrence (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020)

  1. What procedures are in place to evaluate the success of the room cleaning process?
  2. Comply with the investigation of any complaints or appraisals sent from the unit or patients’ feedback.
  3. Direct observation gets utilized as a physical monitor of the use of disinfecting cleaning to provide an accurate evaluation of individual staff operation and adherence to the hospital cleaning procedures.
  4. Random and unannounced room checks are performed with a pass or fail rating throughout the unit. These inspections get done for accuracy of the daily room cleaning, and discharge processes are getting done correctly to avoid any potential risk to staff or patients (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).
  5. Are there any challenges that affect the quality of production?

Yes, many challenges affect the quality of production, as each unit may require a different process of cleaning that is not exclusive to the N/IICU (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020). Some challenges that we experience are when there is a reassignment of a staff member to the unit, and it is someone that has not been here before. When this happens, the team leader has to do a quick training of the unit requirements and follow-up with a room check, which takes more time than usual (J. Wright, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  1. When doing a room clean, is there any unavoidable waste?

As much as any business would want to be efficient with saving on finances, there should be minimum to no unavoidable waste when cleaning a patient’s room (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).  Once a patient has gotten discharged, any used and opened materials should get disposed of for safety precaution per the standards of the unit (J. Wright, personal communication, April 30, 2020). When speaking of minimum unavoidable waste, it may refer to any unused, sealed, and uncontaminated products and materials in which the packaging can be disinfected and reused (K. Davis, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  1. Since the standards of the room cleaning process got implemented has there been any recent changes?

Yes, with the current state of the pandemic, there has been a new process added to make sure that the standards are above and beyond expectations for the avoidance of improper cleaning. These new standards have received approval by the CDC and Infection Control departments (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

  1. How do you suggest or recommend improvements to the process of a room clean for the N/IICU?

Suggested recommendation of improvement to the current process of a room clean, it has to be within the guidelines as well as trial for effectiveness before implementation. The suggestions are directed first to the Environmental Manager of the unit and then is followed up by the Ops manager of Environmental (H. DeLong, personal communication, April 30, 2020).

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