Description For this assignment, you should write a thesis-driven essay analyzing 2-4 primary sources from the list below and include at least 2 secondary sources. Your argument and analysis should be contextualized within South Korea’s postwar period. In your essay, you should address one or more of the following issues:

-Patriarchal constructions of gender, femininity, and masculinity

-Frameworks of sexuality and reproduction

-Gendered notions of labor (skilled, “unskilled,” reproductive labor, productive labor, domestic labor)

-Ideology of nation, nationalism, and the gendering of subjects

-Intersectionality of race, class, gender, and sexuality

-Formations of gendered identity within the context of patriarchy

List of primary sources:

-Marginalized in Production and Mobilized to be Domestic from Militarized Modernity by Seungsook Moon, 2005

-Identical Apartments (1974) by Pak Wansŏ

-Mother’s Hitching Post (1980) by Pak Wansŏ

-Days and Dreams (1980) by Kang Sŏk-kyŏng

-Dear Distant Love (1983) by Sŏ Yŏng-ŭn

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