Answer: [removed] President Lincoln’s main goal in the Civil War was to eliminate slavery in all territory controlled by the United States. a. true b. false
8Answer: [removed] Both the Union and the Confederacy used African American soldiers during the Civil War. a. true b. false
9Answer: [removed] A series of Union victories in late 1864 helped Abraham Lincoln win reelection. a. true b. false
10Answer: [removed] During his march from Atlanta to the sea, Sherman and his men destroyed anything useful to the South. a. true b. false
11Answer: [removed] General Grant imposed very harsh terms on the surrendering Confederate soldiers at Appomattox Court House. a. true b. false
12Answer: [removed] The federal government became more powerful than state governments as the result of the Union victory in the Civil War. a. true b. false
13Answer: [removed] Because the war disrupted their supply of cotton, the South expected support from a. France and Spain. c. France and Canada. b. Spain and Mexico. d. Britain and France.
14Answer: [removed] The North’s war plan came from a hero of the war with Mexico named a. Winfield Scott. c. Abraham Lincoln. b. George McClellan. d. Robert E. Lee.
15Answer: [removed] What battle was named after a small church? a. Shiloh c. Vicksburg b. Gettysburg d. Atlanta
16Answer: [removed] The bloodiest day of the entire Civil War was the Battle of a. Shiloh. c. Richmond. b. Antietam. d. New Orleans.
17Answer: [removed] The first female army surgeon was a. Clara Barton. c. Sally Tompkins. b. Mary Edwards Walker. d. Dorothea Dix.
18Answer: [removed] William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea began in a. Charleston, South Carolina. c. Atlanta, Georgia. b. Richmond, Virginia. d. Baltimore, Maryland.
19Answer: [removed] In the Civil War, for the first time, thousands of women served as a. soldiers. c. generals. b. spies. d. nurses.
20Answer: [removed] “Peace Democrats” became known as a. War Hawks. c. Copperheads. b. Rebels. d. Radicals.
21Answer: [removed] What guarantees accused individuals the right to a hearing before being jailed? a. bounties c. draft b. greenbacks d. habeas corpus
22Answer: [removed] What battle began when on July 1, 1863 when the Confederates entered a town for supplies and encountered Union troops? a. Gettysburg c. Vicksburg b. Shiloh

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