Glenwood Springs, Geological Wonder Jennifer Beck Colorado State University Global GEO101C-2- Earth Science with Lab Heather Hill July 4, 2021 2 Glenwood Canyon, Geological Wonder Thesis Glenwood Springs is a small mountain town located in the Western Slope of Colorado. The town sits, nestled in a canyon with an elevation of 5,578 feet which hold the confluence of both the Colroado and the Roaring Fork Rivers. This thesis will explore the geography of the erea, emphasizing on locations and geological formations that make the area unique but also explain the not only the age of the area but the complexity of its formation. 1. Geography and Formations A. Surrounded by vast forest ii. White River National Forest iii. Hanging Lake B. Five Hot Springs in the area i. Glenwood Hot SPrings ii. Iron Mountain Hot Springs iii. Penny Hot Springs vi. South Canyon (Hippy Hot Springs) v. Yampah Hot Spring a. Geothermal Hot Springs and Steam Baths C. Caves and Volcanos i. Fairy Caves/Glenwood Caverns ii. Holocene volcano, a. Dotsero, near, Glenwood Springs 2. How Glenwood Springs and the Canyon were formed: A. Glenwood Springs sits upon the north American tectonic plate 3 Formation of the Rocky Mountains happened roughly 80 million years ago i. Pacific Plate collided with the North American plate and thrusted the Earth upward B. Glenwood Canyon was formed in Pleinstocene age i. Roughly three millions years ago, th Colorado River flowed roughly more than 2400 feet higher than its current flow. a. As the depth of the river decreased, it eroded away various layers of sediment rock. 3. The weather and climate of your home place A. Glenwood Springs has a temperate climate and experiences all four seasons annually. i. Winter Months a. Average temperature, Average Snow Fall ii. Spring a. Average temperature, Average Snow Fall, Average Rain Fall, iii. Summer a. Average temperature, Rain Fall, Fire Dangers iv. Autumn a. Average temperature, Rain Fall, Average Snow Fall 4. Conclusion. A. Glenwood Springs, Now. 4 References Bennett, S. (n.d.). CHAPTER 3: THE TECTONIC EVOLUTION OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU AND GRAND CANYON REGION. Retrieved from website: tonics.pdf Colorado State University Global. (2020). Module 5: Role of ethical communication and influence in leadership [Interactive lecture]. Canvas. Decker.K- Evaluation of Hanging Lake. Retrieved from r%20Hanging%20Lake%20fnl%20rpt.pdf Global Volcanism Program | Dotsero. (2013). Retrieved July 4, 2021, from Smithsonian Institution | Global Volcanism Program website: Glenwood Canyon РColorado Mountain College. (2018, May 7). Retrieved July 3, 2021, from Colorado Mountain College website: Glenwood Springs | Colorado, United States | Britannica. (2021). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from

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