WATCH THIS VIDEO (… ) and answer the questions.

An overriding theme of this video is that this is how scientific discovery occurs. After viewing the video and answering the questions. While watching the video make notes and seek answers to the questions that follow.

1-Who is James Hanson?

2-David Travis observed that the sky was unusually clear on September 12 in Wisconsin. Why was it different that day? What else did David Travis observe about the weather on that day?

3-Gerald Stanhill set up a network of light measuring instruments in Israel in the 1950s. What was it for?

4-He returned in the 1980s and observed a drop in solar energy of how much between 1950s and 1980s?

5-What was the immediate response to his publication of his findings?

6-Beatie Liepert observed similar results in the Austrian Alps.

7-Did they work together or independently?

8-What did they find in Antarctica, USA, Russia, and the UK?

9-The conundrum expressed by Beatie Liepert was “global dimming was occurring, but the planet was warming.” How did dimming occur and how did it seem contradictory to theory on global warming.

10-Who are Michael Roderick and Graeme Farhquar and where do they work?

11-What was is pan evaporation?

12-What caused pan evaporation to become less?

13-Veerabhadran Ramanathan a climate scientist at UCSD found the next piece in the puzzle. What was it?

14-What was unique about The Maldives that allowed Dr. Ramanathan and his colleagues to determine what was causing global dimming?

15-What was pollution doing to the clouds that affected penetration by solar radiation?

16-Leon Rostayn introduced what he called a most disturbing discovery. What was the most disturbing discovery?

17-How did Rostayn’s work shed light on the 1984 Ethiopian Famine?

18-David Travis work appears again in the video. What did he find caused the temperature changes?

19- AGW has produced 2.6 to 3.0 W-2 but air pollution has produced -1.5 Wm-2. What does this suggest about possible future warming?

20-Are scientists possibly underestimating the GHG effect and the cooling effect?

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