Due _______________ Name: ____________________ Homework on faults It’s Not My Fault! Open your web browser and go to a neat web site: http://scedc.caltech.edu/significant/index.html “Significant Earthquakes and Faults”. You can zoom in, and drag the map to change the part in view. Click on a fault to see the name of that fault. Use the online map to identify the faults shown on the reverse side of this page. 1. Identify all the faults shown on the maps on the reverse side of this page. Write the names in the table below. Notice that many of the faults are on both maps — but the same number is the same fault on both maps. 2. Fill in this table. The numbers are from the maps on the reverse side of the page. Use the information from the alphabetical fault list at http://scedc.caltech.edu/significant/fault-index.html # Fault name 1 San Andreas Fault 2 (This isn’t the San Gabriel fault!) 3 (This isn’t the Hollywood fault!) 4 5 6 7 8 9 Fault type & Recurrence interval & Last major rupture Probable magnitudes (Mw) Right lateral strike slip 1857 140 years 6.8 to 8.0 Due _______________ Name: ____________________ 3 Above: Fault map of Southern California. 8 Right: Fault map of the Los Angeles area. Another good web site is: http://maps.conservation.ca.gov/cgs/fam/ 1 1 2 3 2 6 4 5

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