Alternative Mineral Lab To complete this lab go to the following website: Read the information and then go to the Sample Numbers at the bottom of the page. Examine and test the following samples: 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17-, 18, 19. After you have tested, checked your answers and made any corrections, list the Mineral Name and which two tests most helpful in identifying the mineral for each sample. Submit your list of sample identifications and the helpful tests to the Mineral Lab assignment submission box for credit. Question 1 1 pts The igneous rock gabbro is made up primarily of iron-rich silicate minerals. Predict what gabbro will look like based on its iron-rich silicate content. Olight colored dark colored Question 2 1 pts Examine the chemical formula for these two minerals: • Biotite mica [K(Mg,Fe)AlSi3010(OH)2] • Muscovite mica [KAI AISI3010(OH)2] They both form sheet silicate structures with mineral sheets that flake off. Based on their chemical formula predict how they are different in appearance and explain it Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12ptParagraph B I U ALTY $ ミミ x р O words D Question 3 1 pts What are minerals made up of? O atoms other minerals O rocks Question 4 1 pts Minerals are the building blocks of what? atoms O other minerals O rocks Question 5 1 pts Which is the largest? O atoms O minerals rocks Question 6 1 pts Which is the smallest? atoms O minerals O rocks Question 7 1 pts Minerals have a definite crystal structure meaning that the atoms are arranged in a particular geometric pattern. Examine this picture of granite: Does this also apply to rocks? o yes O no Question 8 1 pts Two students are discussing a diamond, which is made up of carbon atoms in a compact pattern. Student 1: I think it is a rock because it is really hard and solid. It comes from mines in the ground. Student 2: I think it is a mineral because it s the same throughout, and it is made from a particular pattern of atoms. With which student do you agree? Student 1 O Student 2 Question 9 2 pts In your own words how would you describe the difference between a rock and a mineral? Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt Paragraph B 7 U A pv Tv B ミニ v lit TA pspan 30 words

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