B. Describe the plate boundaries you would find and the kinds of crust you would be standing on if you walked the line from A to B at the bottom of the ocean, and then do the same for the line from B to C. The size of the Pacific Ocean is shrinking slowly, and the size of the Atlantic Ocean is growing. compare these two transects and use the difference between them to explain why this is. Heating Curve for Water E 100 D gas liquid Temperature (°C) B A solid Heat added LeMay Jr, Beall, Robblee, Brower, Chemistry Connections to Our Changing World , 1996, page 487 E. The addition of heat is plotted above against temperature. Define latent heat and explain why heat is being added without causing an increase in temperature at locations B and D.has led these gently rolling hills to be the dominant landscape in much of the eastern half of the state. The humidity is caused by the air pressure difference between the Great Plains and the Gulf of Mexico, leading the moist dense air to fill in. Kansas definitely gets a bad reputation among the states, often designated as a “flyover state”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I may be a little biased, but I believe Kansas has more to offer than most people think, especially geologically. References University of Kansas. (2010). Flint hills. Retrieved April 26, 2021, from https://geokansas.ku.edu/flinthills#:~:text=The%20Flint%20Hills%20were%20formed,earlier%20in%20the%20Pennsylvanian% 20subperiod. Assignment 2: Essay- Jesuit Values and the Control of Nature Context: In this assignment, we will use the Jesuit framework of See, Judge, Act. During this course, you have examined and written about four situations where humans have attempted or are attempting to control nature: cooling the lava, Los Angeles against the mountains, Atchafalaya, and geoengineering. Choose one of these examples or another example of the control of nature that you would like to explore. Task: After reading the Regis University mission statement and considering the Jesuit values defined in the topic overview, answer the essay questions on the Jesuit Values and the Control of Nature assignment sheet. SCI 205e: Physical Geology JESUIT VALUES AND THE CONTROL OF NATURE After reading the Regis University mission statement and considering the Jesuit values defined in this week’s topic overview, answer the following questions in essay format. Use the Jesuit framework of See, Judge, Act to analyze the relationship between humans and nature when society attempts to control geological forces. Type your answers below using full sentences to construct logical paragraphs. Upload the completed assignment into the Week 8 dropbox in Worldclass. 1. See. In a paragraph or two, explain the issue you have chosen. Present a short summary of how humans are attempting to control a geological process. What problem are humans attempting to solve through this control strategy? Is the strategy successful or likely to succeed? Who is making decisions, and who is affected by these decisions? Are there negative outcomes from these actions? If so, who is affected negatively? Are there positive outcomes of these actions? If so, who is affected positively? 2. Judge. Now choose two Jesuit values identified in the weekly overview and evaluate the control of nature actions in the context of these values. Are the actions undertaken to control geological processes in accordance with your chosen Jesuit values or are they at odds? Explain why or why not. 3. Act. What actions should now be taken by humans operating in this geological system? Propose some specific action or actions that could be employed to bring this geological system into agreement with Jesuit values. You may conclude that the Jesuit values are insufficient or misguided in this situation. Regardless, justify your proposal using evidence about the geological system

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