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Lab 5 : Water Balance TAs: Maude (Mo) Auclair (, Mikhail Mack (, Iain Thomson ( 1 Lab 5: Water Balance Given: A 1.5 km2 watershed in the arctic tundra received 30,000 m3 of precipitation over an 8-hour period near the end of summer. About 30 minutes following the start of the rain event, the basin hydrograph began to rise and did not return to its pre-event level of discharge until 27 hours after the start of the rain event. Over the period of the hydrograph response, the cumulative discharge from the basin was 10,000 m3. Find: 1. 2. 3. 4. What was the total basin runoff (mm) during this period? (5 marks) Assuming that 1.33 mm was base flow, how much runoff was produced by this event? (2 marks) What was the runoff ratio for this event? (5 marks) If the duration of this

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