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x S Ask a new question – Studypool x | + s://myclassroom.apus.edu/d2l/Ims/quizzing/user/attempt/quiz_start_frame_auto.d2/?our.. Quiz Week 2 Time Limit: 100.00 Time Left:0:59:35 quan Hamilton Attempt 1 Page 1: Question 1(1 point) Which noun is not plural? die Frauen die Männer das Mädchen die Jungen 9 11 12 Question 2 (1 point) Saved Which noun is not plural? 14 15 O Baile Eier Bücher Zeitung Question 3 (1 point Say politely in German, I would like Ich will Ich werde Ich mas Ich möchte. lassroom.apus.edu/d2I/Ims/quizzing/user/attempt/quiz_start_frame_a “eek 2 Time Left:0:59:21 Jaquan Hamilton: Attempt 1 00:00 Ich möchte… 3 — Question 4 (1 point) Answer the question: Wie viele? — Zehn, bitte. Am Montag um zehn Uhr 12 Ja! Question 5 (1 point) 15 Which reply to “Danke schön” does not fit: Gern geschehen. Natürlich Bitte schon ONein. Question 6

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