Hi, I need help with essay on Gestalt Psychology. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The key rule in Gestalt psychology is based on the fact that the human mind generates objects in their whole form in the understanding of the individual components of that object. This aspect of psychology aims at developing proper understanding of the laws of our capacity to obtain as well as retain meaningful insights in the world which is full of challenging situations that demand clear understanding. The theory argues that perceptions are as a result of complicated exchanges that exist among numerous stimuli. The school of thought is closely tied to the theory of gestalt effect which relates to the ability of the human brain to create whole forms in close association with the visual identification of global features as opposed to the gathering of simple as well as unconnected elements. As opposed to the behaviorist approach which aims at developing an understanding of the cognitive attributes, Gestalt psychology aims at understanding and elaborating the organizations of the cognitive processes.There exist four main principles of Gestalt psychology which include emergence, reification, invariance and mutistability. Multistability refers to the trend of vague perceptual experiences to appear back and forth in an unstable manner between two or more alternatives. The phenomena can be illustrated by three-legged blivet and the Necker cube. Invariance principle is an aspect of property of perception in which simple geometrical objects are identifiable independent of rotation, scale as well as translation.Emergence refers to the process by which difficult patterns are obtained from simpler rules. The principle is best illustrated by the view of the dog picture which elaborates a Dalmatian dog that is sniffing the ground located around the shade of trees just above it. The dog cannot be clearly recognized through the identification of its specific body parts such as the feet, ears, nose, eyes and the tail but it appears as a