Throughout the course, you have been exposed to a number of technologies that can be utilized in order to create an immersive Android mobile application. For your Portfolio Project, you will identify a prospective idea for development as an Android mobile application. You will create the interface for the application and identify features for the application. You do not need to full implement the application, but instead you should provide a 4-5 page (not including title and reference pages) analysis of the required technologies that would need to be included for your Android Application.

Explanation & Answer length: 4 pages

Consider a project that will generate the following three benefits (with no other costs in intervening years): • $2M (M=million) in one year • $4M in 5 years, and • $6M in 10 years. Your discount rate is 3%. What is the present value of benefits (PVB)? (Please show your calculations and the final answer (round this single number to 1 decimal) for full credit.) Suppose hospitals are having to pay nurses working with Covid-19 patients an average of $75,000/year. Nurses on similar but less risky non-Covid units are paid an average of $70,000. The annual risk of death for Covid-19 nurses is 1×10-3 higher than on similar non-Covid units. What is the value of statistical life implied by this data? (Please show your calculations and the final answer for full credit.) A power company is considering building a new wind power facility that costs $25B (immediately) to build. Assume yearly benefits are constant, start one year from now and continue forever. From a present value perspective, how high do these yearly benefits need to be to justify the costs? Assume a discount rate of 5%. (Please show your calculations and the final answer for full credit.)

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