Question Description

Unit 1 Assignment 1 focuses on mathematics in healthcare.

Before you begin your Assignment, watch a brief introduction video. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Unit 1 Assignment 1

Competency: Mathematics in Healthcare

Discuss two problems in the healthcare field that have mathematical solutions.

Course Outcomes:

HS290-3: Demonstrate competencies relevant to a career focus area within health sciences.

GEL-2.01: Relate mathematics to the discipline of Health Science.


Identify two healthcare problems with mathematical solutions. An actual or hypothetical situation may be used as an example. Any actual situation should be presented as a hypothetical one, with any names and other identifying information changed to protect anonymity. For each problem, begin with a brief summary of the situation. Provide step-by-step demonstration of the math execution. Give a rationale for why this example is important to practice.

The following requirements apply to this assignment:

  • 2–4 pages in length, excluding any title page, references, appendices, etc.
  • Logical flow from beginning to end to exhibit well-ordered and unified expression, with your viewpoint and purpose clearly established and sustained throughout the document.
  • Original and insightful thought.
  • Seamlessly integrate research to support your ideas on the topic.
  • Adherence to established conventions of Standard English, e.g., correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Adherence to APA formatting
  • Inclusion of a title page.
  • Inclusion of a reference page, as appropriate.

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