Double-Space12 Font5-6 Pages1. In Introduction, provide a general overview of the topic and state the problem or issue you intend to investigate. Why is it an issue worth examining? Articulate your statement of aim or goal of your paper by outlining the key areas that the paper will examine.2. Include a title and use headings to organize the essay. When you examine each point or issue under the sub-headings, describe the nature of the issue (characteristics), how has
it come about (mechanism or process), why is it an issue (reasons) and what is the results, implications, outcomes, or effect3. Use illustrations where appropriate (e.g. tables, graphs, maps, diagrams). Each illustration must be referenced, properly labeled, and referred to in the text.4. Use correct grammar, spelling, sentence, and paragraph construction. Please, number the page. You must reference/cite all quotes, ideas, and illustrations that are not your own using both in-text citations and a bibliography. In-text citations appear directly in the essayto support your argument and indicate information sources. The scientific method is required (e.g. Smith 20020; Harris and Jones 2019 etc.). In the bibliography section, lists (in full reference) all of the information sources you referenced within the text. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style for the bibliography. A sample of APA referencing style is posted on D2L bright space for your perus

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