Question Description

Length: 1,500 words

  • Specific CT: clearly stated thesis: (a) both a subject and (b) the person or group allegedly responsible for exerting an influence on the subject.
  • No CTs that blame any religious group, racial group, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • MARKS DEDUCTED:_____________

/2 (#1) Unique choice of CT –

/4 (#2a) Daniel Pipes’ analytic tools and assumptions (critique your CT): common sense; a knowledge of history; distinct patterns; + evidence: obscurity of evidence; reluctance to divulge information; reliance on forgeries; inconsistencies; overabundant learned factoids; piling on conspiracy theories; dismissing contradictory evidence as a sign of conspiracy; indiscriminately accepting any argument that points to conspiracy; oblivious to the passage of time; cavalier attitude toward facts; + assumptions, etc.

/4 (#2b) Documentation used to assert your CT:

  • origin of the documentation
  • your authors + their background/expertise
  • your authors’ train of thought vs. random
  • your authors’ sources, access to documentation
  • your authors’ style + documentation
  • your authors’ variety of sources

/6 Two of the following: (2c) Semiotic analysis (2d) Psychological analysis (2e) Sociological / Cultural Anthropology(2f) Political Science (2g) Literary theory

/2 (#3) Consumer Applications: branding, merchandising

/1 (#4) Brief Historical Background (only brief plot/description) /2

/2 (#5) Personal Opinion (150 words)

/4 (#6) Structure: subtitles, introduction {thesis + preview of methodologies}, body {the four analytic methods in order}, conclusion {recap of research + final thoughts

/5 (#7) Referencing: (a) MLA or APA, (b) in-text references, (c) bibliography {4 hardcopy sources–2 book minimum + 2 articles, etc.}, (d) only web sources with authors + publishers + retrieval

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