Need an argumentative essay on Globalization of one commodity. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Instead, it is referred as the integration of commodities and labor markets among others. It has been ascertained that the nature pertaining to commodities along with commoditization within the global economies has greatly addressed the human societal structure. Further observations have revealed that complexity along with interconnectedness related to the global economy assists in the development of the analytical techniques (Cronon 97-130). In this regard, it has been assumed that these particular techniques will accelerate the trade between the multinational companies. The study related to the commodity chain basically offers solution to numerous globalization problems. It has been defined that “commodity chains are tools that enable one to study the operation of global capitalism beyond the territorial confines of the national economy” (Collins 1-2). The commodity chain assists in having a better understanding of the global connections. It further helps in the distribution of profits amidst the various commodities chain being framed.This study intends to discuss an important early phase i.e. early 20th century and prior in globalization related to a commodity i.e. coffee. The study will focus on evaluating the trend of progression of coffee as a globally used commodity that has viewed a major development within the past two centuries and beyond.In the era of 16th century, the Muslim coffee industry emerged with the arrival of the Europeans which facilitated in the ‘The Making of a Global commodity Out of Arabia’. It was in the year 1718 that coffee was transported to America from Europe. Correspondingly, it has been observed that the Dutch had forced the Javanese for production of coffee within the Asian colony. Later on, Amsterdam was transformed as the leading coffee ‘entrepot’ worldwide for centuries. It has been further revealed about globalization of coffee that the British were the first to provide coffee to Americans (Rivali

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