Video #5 (Links to an external site.)

“Goffman’s Theory of Impression Management”

This is just one (obviously exaggerated) illustration of how people attempt to “self-correct” for their inappropriate or unacceptable public behaviors in order to “manage” the impression they make on others whose impression of them matters. Mr. Bean is obviously not very effective in managing the impression he is making on the professor or his classmate – which is why the video is humorous, but I think we can relate to some of his behaviors, even if you haven’t cheated on a test.

Instead of quiz questions for this video, there is just a single paragraph assignment in which you can include any or all of the following content (but try not to go over the 250 word limit):

  1. a) In your status as a student or an employee, or any other status (son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife…..what do you do routinely to make a good impression on your instructor your boss (or your relative, etc.)? b) What have you done to cover up your mistake(s) in a particular situation/relationship?  c) Was there a specific very memorable situation  in which you were suddenly forced to manage the “incorrect” impression (using facework, perhaps) that you made on one or more persons? (doesn’t have to be the same person(s) you referred to in a) or b) – but it can be).  d) What behaviors (blatant or subtle) have you seen others use in an attempt to maintain a consistent positive impression on you  or others? 




           Explanation: You will be watching 11 very short videos and reacting to each one.  Most reaction requirements will consist of 3 or 4 short- answer questions (appearing underneath the video) plus a full paragraph response to one or more prompts about the video. Try to limit the length of your reaction paragraph to 200 words.  Your grade on each video quiz/reaction paragraph will be based on the accuracy of your answers to the short answer questions and whether your paragraph is an adequate response to the prompt(s).  You will never be penalized for your “opinion” in a reaction paragraph, even if your instructor disagrees!  Although you will not be penalized for grammatical and mechanical errors in your reaction paragraph, your instructor will point out and correct these types of errors since you WILL be penalized for grammatical and mechanical errors on your Course Essay written later in the semester.  On this assignment as well as NOT the Course Essay, you WILL be penalized for CARELESS errors that occur due to inadequate proofreading, so don’t submit any of these quizzes/paragraphs without doing a careful edit.  See the Course Schedule for the deadline date and time for each quiz/reaction paragraph.

   Formatting Instructions: Penalties are strict to reinforce that the directions for this assignment are followed explicitly.   

           You will lose 5 percentage points from your total grade for every omission and EVERY type of error listed in ANY of the following formatting instructions (a-f):

           a) Copy and paste the four quiz questions AND the reaction paragraph prompt onto a Word document (.doc or .docx).    

           Then answer each question underneath the question and type in the paragraph underneath its prompt.  Save your document as Video # ___   and then attach it to the submission site.  Do not copy and paste it into the text box.  

           b) Heading – to be placed in the upper left hand corner of your document 


                  Video Quiz/Reaction Paragraph  # ____ (1, 2, 3, or 4, etc. through 11)  

                  Name of Video selected

           c) Font: Use Arial, Calibri, or Comic Sans – do NOT use Times New Roman

           d) Spacing – You can single space your short answers, but DOUBLE SPACE THE REACTION   PARAGRAPH to allow space for  

               your instructor’s comments. 

           e) Do NOT include a cover page for this assignment.