Module Objective: Using a graphic organizer (attached) students will highlight key elements of six (6) learning theories they have read and learned about in class from the Knowles and Schunk texts.

In order to organize your thoughts about the different learning theories we have discussed in class and that you have read about in the Schunk and Knowles texts, you will create a graphic organizer that best fits your learning style. The graphic organizer will be used to complete your critical assignment – Training/Learning Plan paper. The organizer will need to include the following information:

Learning Theories:

Behavioral Learning Theory

Social Cognitive Learning Theory

Information Processing Learning Theory

Constructivist Learning Theory

Cognitive Learning Theory

Andragogical Learning Theory

Elements for each Theory:

Description of the theory

Key players and their contributions

Motivation – How is it attained?

Critical Thinking – How is it developed?

Assessment – What type(s)

Teaching Strategies

As a reminder, a template of the graphic organizer is attached for your reference and use (It is also attached above to this assignment). You may, however, use any format you desire in order to create this assignment.