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Semester: 2021-01 Phy 201 Dr. Anwar AlMuhammad Homework#04 (Chap 04) • • • • • Due Date: Tuesday Oct 26, 2021. After this time the submitted homework will be considered late. Questions should be solved in detail by hand or typing. Homework can be submitted online on the classroom in one file. No need to include the questions, answers are enough. Try to reduce the size of the file by reducing the resolution in taking pictures of your handwriting homework. Questions: Chose the correct answer Q12-13, p122 Q16, p122 Q18, p122 Q20, p122 Answer these questions: Q1, p123 Q3, p123 Q11, p123 Q21, p124 Q28, p124 Q38-39, p124 Q43, p125 Q52, p125 Q78, p127
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