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Answer the questions using The Making of the West. If you use outside sources, make sure you properly cite them in MLA style on a Works Cited page. Each section of the report needs to be at least one paragraph of three or more complete sentences: be thorough. there are 12quistions. questions will be below.

Politics: What type of political system did the civilization have?
2.       Economics: How was commerce regulated and goods/services exchanged?
3.       Religion: What god(s)/religion affected the way the civilization viewed the world?
4.       Technology: What technologies did the civilization use?
5.       Environment/Geography: What type of environment/geography/climate affected the civilization?
Education: How (if at all) did the civilization train and educate its citizens?
7.       Philosophy(ies): What philosophies, if any, guided the decisions made by the civilization?
8.       Arts & Entertainment: What artistic forms of expression did the civilization use for expression? How did they do for fun, games, and relaxation?
9.       Notable Works: What are major works of literature, philosophy, art, etc. that reflect the civilization?
Family, Marriage, & Sexuality: How did they view sexuality, reproduction, and the family unit?
11.   Fate of Civilization: What happened to the civilization?
Contributions to Western Civilization: What did the civilization contribute to the development of Western Civilization?

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