Create a composite leader who exemplifies the qualities which the Ancient Greeks desired in a good leader. Construct your composite Greek leader by identifying and explaining significant acts by at least five (5) people created by Hesiod, Homer and/or Sophocles which demonstrate how personal character effects the actions and the effectiveness of a good leader. What can we learn from the ancient Greek ideas, which link personal character and leadership success that would help us to more clearly judge the competence of our national leaders?

Pay most attention to how, in the Greek mind, character affects the style, methods and effectiveness of national leaders.

Essay should not be an evaluation of the individual policies of modern leaders regarding specific issues such as war or the economy.

The writing guidelines at the Course Material link and the Pocket Style Manual have instructions and criteria that should be applied in the composition and correction of your work and the work of the student you evaluate. See Course Material among the menu selections on the Course Content page. Click on Selected Course Readings and consult Format for Constructing a Thesis and Considerations for Writing Papers.

Phil, please follow professor’s request below:


1.    Where and how well does the paper follow the directions of the assignment?

2.      Can you see that the writer understands Greek ideas about leadership, honor and the heroic and can draw parallels from it to the actions of recent national and local leaders?

3.      Does the writer use specific examples from class readings in the analysis?

4.      Are the examples from class readings adequate support for the writer’s thesis? Why or why not?

5.      Are there additional elements in Greek literature that could be used in a better fashion by the author?

6.      Has the author used clear examples from the readings to illustrate points? Explain why or why not.

7.      Are there other Greek writings that could help to improve the essay?

8.      Is the paper well written?

9.      Does the paper have a clear thesis?

10.   Is the thesis well developed?

11.   Does the writer use correct grammar?

12.   Is the essay well organized: does it have an introduction and a conclusion? Explain why or why not.

13.   Focus the greatest part of your evaluation on points 1 through 3!

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