Global Citizens Assignment: The GCP project is on green chemistry. At the end of the semester, you are required to prepare singled spaced 4 pages or a 2000 ? 2200 word essay for the GCP assignment. Students will use the following 3 elements that represent a potential target for replacement by a greener alternative: Reaction conditions, Products, and Byproducts (waste). Your task is to focus on these three elements and identify all the health, safety, and environmental issues associated with their use and describe a green alternative for each element. For example, when you discuss “Reaction conditions”, you must begin with an overview of the most common reaction conditions (temperature, pressure, catalyst etc.) for chemical reactions, and processes, examining the reasons for the global concerns associated with them. Then, you must describe the greener alternatives to the use of reaction conditions such as substitution by safer reaction conditions, modification of processes to allow use of new or unusual reaction conditions. 1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Orgo II Lab Global Citizens Project Rubrics for the Global Citizens Assignment – Total possible points 100 Items 1) What is the current status of chemistry and the environment? • Impact of organic chemistry (2 pts) • Effect of hazards? (4 pts) • Pollution and prevention? (4 pts) • Impact of green chemistry (6 pts) 2) General strategy of green chemistry • Discuss at least 4 steps in the strategy of green chemistry (3 pts for each step) 3) What are the tools of green chemistry? • Discuss each of the tools of green chemistry (2 pts for each =12 points) 4) Choice of alternative reagents • What is the use of a reagent in a chemical reaction? (4 pts) • List reagents that represent health and environmental nightmares. (4 pts) • Examples of safer (greener) reagents shown in chemicals reactions. (4 pts) • What are the nontraditional reagents? (4 pts)

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