Grossmont Cuyacama Series of Computer Generated Sculptures Responses

#1. This famous sculpture here in San Diego is called “Unconditional Surrender” by John Seward Johnson and it is located on Tuna Harbor Park in downtown. This reminds us of the World War 2 era where it shows a nurse and a sailor sharing a kiss during the war. It was located in other famous places around the world and it got re installed permanently in San Diego in 2013. Haiku Poem: Waves of war upon us Brings love across from distance United we stand strong #2 On the horse, he goes With the flag he raises high At night he lights up I found this sculpture that inspires my poem located in San Diego Balboa Park. The sculpture is called El Cid Campeador by the artist Anna Hyatt Huntington. It is very eye-catching. By looking at the sculpture, I was able to identify contrast since the lights were making it bright in the nighttime and making it stand out. Also, the sculpture had many details and textures but my phone camera was not able to pick it up. I would also say one of the principles of design I noticed was movement. #3 This is “Unconditional Surrender” by Seaward Johnson and is located at the Tuna Harbor Park in San Diego. Due to a health condition and after talking with the professor for approval he allowed me to post a picture from the internet. The statue was modeled after the renowned photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt taken at the end of World War II, in Times Square New York in 1945. The 7 ton, 25 foot tall bronze statue was made in New Jersey and was transported to San Diego. The USS Midway Museum was given 3 months to raise enough money to replace the original foam and urethane on loan statue that had began to look very worn and no longer pleasurable to the eye. It took only 2 months and they met the goal for the now bronze statue. It is now made of the right materials to withstand a long stay here in San Diego. Victory is here, War hard harrowing now gone Kiss the one you love.

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