I need post 1 discussion on November 21st and post 2 discussion I would need or November 24th, before you  can start to write the essay.

 The posts needs to be written before you guys can officially write the essay.

Based on this assignment, there is the care study that needs to be written on the essay – attached

Group Conferencing Case Analysis (Value: 35%)

In recognition of the collaborative decision-making models consistent with Indigenous worldview and practiced within the social work profession, this assignment is structured to facilitate sharing and exchange of ideas for the purpose of informing a comprehensive practice-based intervention response to a case presented. This assignment requires students to draw on the contributions of work collectively shared and individually conducted through literature research and analysis to critically analyse the social issues contained in a case scenario. In the analysis of the case, students will clearly articulate ways in which the case would benefit from the application of an Indigenous approach. Students are also expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of challenges commonly encountered by Indigenous Peoples in relation to the issues presented in the case scenario. Students are required to clearly discuss how Indigenous healing principles could be used by them to inform and develop interventions that are culturally appropriate and that foster cultural safety for Indigenous service users. Therefore, the student’s own cultural frame of reference must be considered in their analysis. Students must also discuss the limitations of adopting a conventional social work approach (Western/Eurocentric perspective) (as applicable) for the case scenario provided. Students are expected to draw on scholarly, academic and/or traditional knowledge (Indigenous) sources to support their work.

Assignment Format: Students will develop and submit two (2) 100 to 150 word well written and well researched posts in the designated Discussion Board forum. From this, students will develop their essay-based case analysis. The posts will draw on the collective responses provided through the submission of students in the course as well as the research conducted individually. Discussion post submissions will be due on the following dates:

Post 1: November 21st, 2021 Post 2: November 24th, 2021

From the completion of these posts and the opportunity to benefit from the collaborative learning obtained through the sharing of content on the discussion board, students will develop their essay style case analysis and submit it for grading.

Sources: A minimum of 6 scholarly/academic/traditional knowledge sources must be referenced in this assignment in total. Please note that there is an expectation in this course that Indigenous knowledge (this includes Indigenous scholarship) be privileged. A reference page of citations in APA 7th edition style is also required. A link to assist with citations is available here: https://libguides.csudh.edu/citation/apa-7
Length: Discussion posts will range from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 150 words. The essay will range for a minimum of 1750 words to a maximum of 2500 words.

This is the format of the assignment

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