Section 1)Extracting the question(s):

a) As far as you are concerned, what ethical question(s) arose from the film of your choice?—parse out the intricacies of the question(s) as you see it/them

b) As far as you are concerned, what ethical question(s) were addressed insufficiently or not at all (but should have been)?

Section 2)Response to the question(s):

a) Having identified and fleshed out your question(s), what are your thoughts?

• In what ways would you (would you?) claim responsibility for these ethical issues?

• How does this response square with yourworldview?

Section 3)What soft claim can you make toward some resolve of the ethical issue(s)?

Section 4)What new questions arise for you from sections 1-3?

Explanation & Answer length: 2 Page

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