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CSE 1325: Object-Oriented Programming University of Texas at Arlington Summer 2021 Dr. Alex Dillho Assignment 5 Character Manager Create a GUI program that allows users to create, view, and edit characters. The program should be implemented using the Swing API and the MVC design pattern. Main Menu The main screen of the app will show the avatar and name of the character currently loaded along with 4 buttons for “New Character”, “Edit Character”, “Save Character”, and “Load Character”. If no character is currently loaded within the app, do not show the character avatar and name on the main screen. The app should also show a menu bar at the top with one submenu for “File”. This submenu should have 4 menu items for “New Character”, “Load Character”, “Save Character”, and “Exit”. Editing View Selecting “New Character” or “Edit Character” should switch on the main view in the frame with an editing view. This panel will contain all components necessary for creating a character. This includes, but is not limited to, the name, avatar, stats, and weapon. The character can have up to 15 stat points to distributed between STR, DEX, and CON. Your app should not allow the user to distribute more points than available. The weapon selection components can be implemented however you see t as long as the user is only able to select a single weapon for the character. At the bottom of this panel should be two buttons for “Conrm” and “Cancel”. Pressing “Conrm” will update the player object currently in memory and switch back to the main screen. Pressing cancel will return the user to the main menu without updating any information. If there is currently no character in memory, the “Edit Character” button should be disabled on the main screen. Saving a Character If a character is loaded in memory but has no associated le, pressing “Save Character” should use JFileChooser so the user can create a CSV le to save the character information. If the character already has a le associated with it, pressing “Save Character” CSE 1325: Assignment 5 Dillho should overwrite that le with the updated information. The character data will now include a le name reecting the avatar image le. This will also be written to CSV. The order of attributes does not matter as long as you use the same order for both saving and loading. If there is no character currently in memory, the “Save Character” button should be disabled in both the menu bar and main screen. Loading a Character Loading a character should also use JFileChooser so the user can select a CSV le with character information. Once the le is selected, attempt to load the character and catch any associated exceptions. If the character cannot be loaded for any reason, warn the user with a dialog alert window. If the character is successfully loaded, update the avatar and name on the main screen. Additionally, selecting “Edit Character” should populate the elds with the character data in memory. Exiting the Program If the user selects “Exit” and there is an unsaved character in memory, the app should show a dialog box to see if the user would like to save the character. Selecting “Yes” will show the user a JFileChooser so that the user can create the le. If the user selects “No” or there is no unsaved character, the window should be disposed so that the application can exit. Using MVC This assignment should be implemented using MVC. The view components should not perform any data operations such as saving or loading. The data to be displayed in the view should be provided by a controller. The controller is also responsible for handling any interactions from the view components that requires data to be modied or updated. The controller will also change out views as necessary when navigating between the main menu and the editing panel. UML Diagram As part of this assignment, you should create a UML diagram that shows the interaction between your model class, controller, and view components. Submission Create a zip le using the name template which includes the required .java les and UML diagram. Submit the zip le through Canvas. 2
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