Please read  “Guide to Fences ” ,  Part I: The Play. Part I is   broken down into “Wilson Play Like Listening to the Blues,” “Fences   Extended Family,” “Wilson’s Introduction to Fences,” “Synopsis: A Scene by Scene Breakdown,” and “Setting.” 

Part I will provide:

  • a brief overview of the play and the context in which it had been written.
  • introduce you to the central character, Troy Maxson, and the other characters in the play
  • August Wilson’s introduction to his play. 
  • how the play is broken down into Act 1 (4 scenes) and Act II (5 scenes).
  • provide information about the setting

 2. In Part 1 “Wilson’s Introduction  to Fences” it begins with a poem by August Wilson. Why do you think he  chose to include the poem? What do you think the poem means? 

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