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picks two representative quote from the following two readings, followed by one sentence explaining that quote in your own words, and one or two sentences providing your argument or spin on this quote and its importance. Two explanations, each 50 words.2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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43 VIO LENC E Peter Krapp Humans have always had violent games, from individual competitions such as wrestling or boxing to spectacles such as gladiatorial combat or rugby; these might variably be seen as appealing to instinct, as expressions of frustration in civilization, or as necessary and playful steps in social learning. Human culture has also long included representations of violence in the arts, whether on the theater stage or the painter’s canvas, in literature or in cinema. So what is it that puts video games in particular into the crosshairs of criticism? Is it merely that conflict is never boring—and games are at a basic level about avoiding boredom? Or is it is the medium specificity that sets gaming apart? Certainly interactive immersion poses a different set of issues than representations of violence on stage or on a TV

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