 PowerPoint: Provide a hazard/vulnerability analysis and mitigation options for Orange County, California. With a minimum of 20 slides (or more) not counting the introductory (title) first one and the last slide used for references.

 Paint a picture of Orange County/community… *How is this community vulnerable?— *What is likely to be impacted? for this objective rely on Critical infrastructure and Weakest links within this community

 Identify Hazards and provide risk assessment…*Use chart(s) to illustrate how you ranked risk… *Use Quantitative and Qualitative data

 From your top 3 hazards identify the following mitigation items… *What is currently in place: Building codes, enforcement, policies, land use, etc. *Identify Goals (general) and Objectives (action items) for mitigation plan… Identify potential projects and prioritize them (at least one for each of the top 3 hazards).

 Design a flyer/brochure on at least one hazard to educate the public about it and what they can do to protect themselves in one of your slides at the end.

References and information for this PowerPoint can be found online under “Local Hazard Mitigation Plan” for Orange County, California Government….for example: County of Orange and Orange County Fire Authority. Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (May, 2021) -Draft for Public Review.

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