We have all probably been exposed to some form of social injustice or justice in our lives. For some it may have been a direct and very personal experience, for others it may have been through older family members, and for others it may have been through reading or watching current events. In this assignment, we will critically think about the role or influence that social justice has played in our lives.

Your Tasks


Please answer the following prompt:

  1. What was your understanding of social justice in the context of health prior to reading this week’s material? 5 points
  2. How has this understanding changed? 5 points
  3. How have you seen health inequities (or general inequities) within your community? 10 points

Assignment 2

Your Tasks

For this assignment you will be placing yourself in the position of someone who is wanting to enroll in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). 


First, you will create a fictional applicant. You will need to consider the following before trying to go through the enrollment process:

  1. Number of individuals in the household, including children, spouses, and elderly parents. 
  2. Whether the applicant is enrolled in any other supplemental services or is receiving other financial support. 
  3. Citizen status
  4. Job status/annual income


You will be comparing SNAP enrollment pages for 2 different US states. One of the states must be California. Once you have decided on the other state, go to their enrollment pages [you will be finding this on your own…after all, most people don’t have an instructor telling them what to do ;)]. 


Begin the SNAP enrollment process. Make sure to keep track of what answers you put for each question asked. 

**IMPORTANT** Stop when you get to the “Tell us about yourself section”. We are not creating a real account for this assignment!!!


Answer the following reflection questions for this assignment (point values included in bold): 

  1. How easy or difficult was it to find the enrollment page in each state? 5 points
  2. How easy or difficult was it to enroll for SNAP benefits in each state? Consider factors such as health and computer literacy. 5 points
  3. In your opinion, would you recommend someone enrolling online in each of these states? Why or why not? 5 points
  4. Describe any other thoughts that you had as you were completing the enrollment process. 5 points

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