Statistics Project

Skill: Health Care Statistics

· Identify data sources

· Interpret inferential statistics

· Analyze statistical data for decision making

· interpret measures of central tendency, measures of frequency and measures of variation through visual presentation

Roles incorporating the skill:

· Certified Health Data Analyst

· Researcher

· Epidemiologist

Delivery areas: choose FOUR areas

· Hospitals/University teaching hospitals

· Insurance companies

· Consulting firms

· Government agencies

· Pharmaceutical companies

Review resource attached to the assignment:

· Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

Directions for Statistics Project:

1. Access the Information on “Smoking & Tobacco Use” by going to the CDC website at .

2. Go to near the bottom of the home page and click on “Healthy Living.”

3. Scroll down and click on “Smoking & Tobacco Use.”

4. You will then see tabs that says Fast Facts, Year of Cessation, etc. Scroll to the bottom of that page, under the blue boxes, and you will see STATE System (State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation System). Click on that.

5. Scroll down and click on “Custom Reports.”

6. This is where you will begin to extract data for your project. In the dropdown box for Topic Type,

choose “Tobacco Use – Survey Data.”

7. Then select the other criteria as shown in the figure below. As you enter each field the next field will appear. You do not have to choose Indiana.

8. Finally, select “View Report.” Carefully read: “How do I interact with the table?” This will tell you how to filter to interpret your findings. From this you will identify what areas you will explore, such as smoking by race, or gender, or education, or combinations of those, etc.

Create a formal report (a report that includes a cover page, calculation of basic statistics, the interpretation of the findings, including any relevant information to present the topic, history, explanation of the data, etc. as well as the graphical display of the data) to discuss your state’s current status on smoking and tobacco use. You will also include a reference page with your report. The report should be professional in appearance, be free of any grammatical errors, and the graphical display of data should be labeled appropriately and show the data from the report pulled off the CDC site. Not including the cover page and references, your body of written work should be at least 7 – 10 pages double spaced or at least 4 – 7 pages single spaced including graphs, figures, and tables. You will be required to use the most recent three years of data for your project, which will give you the opportunity to compare different years of data and to discover any trends for smoking and tobacco use. See the grading rubric for additional information and how your project will be graded.

Your statistics project will be graded on 8 components, with bullet points labeling some tips that can greatly enhance your statistics project. The bullet points are recommendations, but the highest project grades will answer most or all of these bullet points properly. For a formal research paper that you see in numerous articles today, components 2 through 8 are significant and will be required for your project. Finally, note that each component has a designated point value assigned. The computation of statistics, display of data, and results components of your project will be weighted more heavily than the other components of your project because, after all, this is a health statistics class.

The due date for the Statistics Project is Monday, December 6, 2021, at 5p ET. NO LATE STATISTICS PROJECTS will be accepted WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL and with extenuating circumstances.

Statistics Project

Statistics Project
Cover Page2 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks2 pts
Methods • What data source are used? • What is the sample size (if any) of the data using and how was it collected? • What variables used and how were the variables defined?10 pts Four areas discussed and covered 5 pts Three areas discussed and covered 3 pts Two areas discussed and covered 2 pts One area discussed and covered 0 pts No Marks10 pts
Display of Data • use appropriate data display techniques to summarize the data that were collected? • label their graphs and charts properly? • Are captions, footnotes, headnotes, and title labeled and displayed properly? • frequency table created, if needed?20 pts Four areas discussed and covered 10 pts Three areas discussed and covered 5 pts Two areas discussed and covered 3 pts One area discussed and covered 0 pts No Marks20 pts
Analysis of Data and Results • interpret the data and results correctly? • report any major findings from the data? • explain the data results? • comparisons being made among variables or categories and did the student explain them appropriately?20 pts Four areas discussed and covered 10 pts Three areas discussed and covered 5 pts Two areas discussed and covered 3 pts One area discussed and covered 0 pts No Marks20 pts
Discussion and Conclusion • What did you learn from the statistics in your project? • How applicable are your results to the context of the situation happening in the real world? • Were there limitations to your study? • What recommendations or future studies or ideas would you suggest to further add to your research question and topic?9 pts Four areas discussed and covered 5 pts Three areas discussed and covered 3 pts Two areas discussed and covered 2 pts One areas discussed and covered 0 pts No Marks9 pts
Reference Page-APA4 pts Proper APA 2 pts APA with errors, such as missing hanging indent 0 pts Did not follow APA guidelines4 pts
Effort • Did the student put any effort and time in creating a worthy presentable project or did the student hastily complete their project at the last minute?6 pts Professionally presented 3.33 pts Mediocre, had careless errors 0 pts No Marks6 pts
Grammarly9 pts 90%-100% 4.5 pts 80%-89% 2.25 pts 70%-79% 1.13 pts 60%-69% 0 pts 59% or less9 pts
Total Points: 80

Rev. 08/12/21

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