Individual Assignment description: This assignment is individual and should be submitted on Moodle – A maximum of 500 words (single space). Students are expected to read the below case and answer the related questions: The Case: Dana is a taxi driver. She was requested to drive to school a little girl called Hanna. On the way, she received a call from her sister who asked Dana to share with her a contact number. While Hanna was busy on her phone, Dana went off the track and hit a wall right in front of the school. Hanna, who was on the back seat, was heavily injured. She had a broken arm and a broken leg and stayed at the hospital for one week. Hanna parents have paid USD 8,000 for her medical treatment. Few years later, Hanna wanted to join the University Basketball team. After reviewing her medical history, the coach of the team advised against accepting Hanna in the team because of her previous injuries. Hanna has explained that she had fully recovered from that, however the coach stated that he wanted the team members’ to be injuries’ free. Hanna’s parents would like to sue Dana for reparation for the damages caused to their daughter and are asking you the following: a) Can they sue Dana for Hanna’s physical injuries (and the medical fees spent) based on the tort of negligence? Please explain your answer by applying the conditions of the tort of negligence (60 marks) b) Hanna’s parents think that Hanna has lost the chance to join the basketball team because of the accident and that Dana should also repair for that damage. Can they sue Dana based on the tort of negligence for the loss of chance of joining the basketball team? Please explain your answer by applying the conditions of the tort of negligence (40 marks)

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