IT and Quality Improvement Paper Instructions

1. Select an area of Health Information Technology Continuous Quality Improvement (HIT CQI) recommendations of interest. This may include items such as EMR, episode start and end dates for global procedure codes, benchmarking data, standardizing survey items for same quality measures, or reducing disparities in health and care through modifying existing mechanisms to report race and ethnicity, language, etc. An area of interest to you as an APN to improve patient outcomes, safety/quality, processes, or costs.

2. Discuss the role of Health Information Technology in Quality Improvement targeting your area of interest. Include a discussion of how this type of technology impacts the data to decision cycle, reporting, HIPAA considerations, and can improve data collection, analysis, and reporting to improve outcomes and cost. Points to consider: costs of implementing and running the Health Care IT system, staff and consumer education, and what impact the IT system will have on improving the CQI processes.

3. This paper must include 5–6 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in addition to the assigned reading.

4. Document the assignment in a 5-page Microsoft Word document using current APA 7 format. Include a title page and a reference list.

5. Submit the assignment via Safe Assign. You may submit a draft for your own review prior to submission of the final document. This is optional.

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