Professional Development Plan: Unit 4 Assignment

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HC 305 Healthcare Human Resource Management

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Professional Development Plan: Unit 4 Assignment

            Complete the table below by identifying the number of continuing education units (CEUs) needed for each employee. Briefly describe the activity identified, and the modality in which it is delivered (in-person, online, skills lab, etc.), and include how many CEUs are awarded for completion of that activity. You only need to provide ONE activity for each person. The employee will be responsible for identifying additional opportunities to meet their total number of required CEUs.  

Name and ClassificationTotal # of CEUs Required by State of ___ per year.Interests/Learning PreferenceCEU Activities Identified (describe the activity)CEU Modality# of CEUs awarded
Haleh Adams, RN, CNML Nurse manager, wound care, Kinesthetic learner   
Samantha Taggart, RN Substance abuse, alcoholism / Auditory and visual learner   
Malik McGrath, LPN Trauma unit leadership / Interpersonal learner   


Author Last Name, First Initial. (year of publication). Title of the article. Name of the

periodical, volume (issue), page range start-page range end. DOI web address

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