Seminar Summaries

Zenia Lopez

Purdue Global

HS 420 Unit 7

HS 420 Unit 7 Seminar

The main topics discussed.

  •  After the introduction, the instructor highlighted the components of the session, which included announcements, the activities of the unit, and ultimately, a discussion forum.
  • One of the major topics discussed during the session was the significance and development of databases. Database architecture and design were reviewed, and their role in database querying, data exploration, and mining techniques.
  • Another significant topic discussed was the integration of databases in healthcare, where they can be used for storing financial, clinical, and operational data. Their integration facilitates research, quality, and operational improvement.
  • Ultimately, we assessed normalization as a topic for the discussion board and concluded with database management software.

Sub-topics and/or subsequent classroom discussion.

  • A sub-topic discussed involved the design of databases and the significant information that HIM professionals should be aware of.
  • We also assessed data characteristics and challenges and later learned how to create a customer database using Microsoft excel.
  • Significantly, we assessed various database terminologies such as data tables, records, and fields. In selecting an appropriate database to utilize in storing data, there are various questions incorporated to offer guidance. Ultimately, we went through various types of databases.

Points you found of interest.

  •  A point I found of interest is database design and its significance to data mining, data exploration, and database queries. In health care professionals, database management and design are crucial and aid various process as it smoothens information keeping and retrieval.
  • Another point of interest is ways through which an appropriate database for storing data can be determined. Variables, records, tools, and queries of data are significant in the process of determining an appropriate database. 

Any additional reflections or suggestions.

  • Databases in healthcare are essential as they can be used for strong significant data such as clinical, financial, and operational. In addition, the data stored is critical to the functioning of a center, as they are able to track their progress financially and their operations.
  • The data can be utilized for research purposes, especially when faced with pandemic issues and ensuring the provision of services meets consumer expectations.

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