Healthcare Informatics


Application of technology in healthcare should not be underestimated. Almost every information concerning the patient’s care and hospital’s management is stored in a computerized system. The strategy is believed to be effective in the storage of valuable information as can be easily retrieved whenever needed. However, reports indicate that use of technology alone can be compromised by power failure while some unauthorized personnel may also gain access to patient’s confidential information. Computer application in healthcare should thus be treated with utmost care and confidentiality it deserves for effective service delivery.

Question 1

Digital application in healthcare is important. However, the application has been linked to lots of ethical implications and concerns that must be addressed to realize the set organizational standards. Digital communication is complex as ethical concerns on confidentiality and consent have been reported. Based on research findings, it is argued that there is uncertainty concerning the level of consent needed in healthcare (Coiera, 2015). The ability to maintain or define limits of confidentiality is compromised as healthcare information is being accessed by unauthorized persons. The role of clinicians in healthcare is limited when health information becomes inaccessible out of power failure. The application increases patient dependence rather than improving autonomy in healthcare. It is also noted that there is a breach in HIPAA health regulations whereby some of the patient’s confidential information is shared with other parties without the consent from the patient. For patients who cannot give consent concerning their medical information, legal representatives or guardians ought to be involved.

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