Making a Career of Healthcare Operations Management – Focusing on Quality Management

This project will consist of research, a written paper and a presentation. Read through the entire project description before beginning work. Parts A, B and C contain the criteria for the paper. Using the information in the paper, then create a Power Point presentation that you might share with a professional society/organization. You will not actually be required to present this to a group, but prepare the project so that it would be acceptable for an audience of that nature. Do each of the following parts in order and create a section in your paper for Parts A, B and C with appropriate headings. Your paper must contain an introduction, the required sections, and a conclusion. Provide a link to your Power Point presentation in the body of the paper.

Part A: Internships, Volunteering, and Certifications for Healthcare Operations Management

Conduct a search for internships or volunteer opportunities that pertain specifically to healthcare operations management. Start by looking in your local area, then expand to other areas if needed/desired. Consider the following questions as you conduct the search:

  • What types of opportunities did you find?
  • What specific qualities or skill set are organizations looking for in interns or volunteers?
  • What personally interests you most or least in these opportunities?

Conduct a search for professional certifications that might apply specifically to healthcare operations management. Consider these questions as you conduct the search:

  • What certifications are available in your professional area of interest?
  • Who are the sponsoring agencies of these professional certifications?
  • How are the certifications obtained?
  • Are exams, fees, or proof of education or work experience required?
  • How might these certifications benefit you in your career?

Write 2- to 3-pages that highlight your findings and include them in Part A of your paper.

Part B: Project Management

Review the information in the following attached article on Crashing in Project Management.

After reviewing the material and reflecting on the content, write 2- to 3-pages addressing the following questions:

  • What is “project crashing”?
  • When might it be appropriate to utilize project crashing?
  • What are the potential downfalls of project crashing?
  • Have you seen it used at your place of employment? If so, to what extent was it successful?
  • What would you recommend as the first/best alternative to project crashing?

Include at least two other credible sources to support your statements. Cite, reference and format all sources according to the attached APA template.

Part C: Sustaining Process Improvement

Review the five major requirements of sustaining process improvement achievements listed in the attached Studer (2014) article.

Studer, Q. (2014). Making process improvement ‘stick’. Healthcare Financial Management, 68(6), 90-96.

Select the three requirements that you feel are most important within a healthcare setting and summarize them. Address the following questions:

  • Why are these three requirements the most important?
  • What are some examples of how they have been successfully utilized (provide examples from either your own professional experience or from academic articles)?
  • How do these three requirements translate to improvement in service quality and return on investment?

Write 2- to 3-pages that provide a rationale for your selections. Reference examples from your work experience and include at least two credible sources besides the Studer article. Cite, reference and format all sources according to the attached APA template.

The Presentation component:

Create a new Power Point presentation to accompany your paper. Your presentation should contain approximately 15 content slides, with additional slides for the title of the presentation and references. All content slides should include commentary via the notes section; this feature allows you to add further commentary, just as you would in a real presentation.

This portfolio project will also consist of visual representations of the following elements:

  • A review of internships or volunteer opportunities you compiled in Part A.
  • A summary of professional certifications you highlighted in Part A.
  • A summary of the major points on project management covered in Part B.
  • A summary of the major points on process improvement covered in Part C.
  • A self-created image to illustrate the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control model used for quality management (you can use Smart Art located within Microsoft products or use any online tool to create the image); provide a brief description of each element contained in the image
  • A self-created process map/flowchart illustrating the inputs, outputs, and steps of a process of your choosing

Your presentation must support your claims by including at least four appropriate references. Cite, reference and format all sources according to the attached APA template. You may use the same sources for the presentation and the paper.

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