Policy Brief Issue and Policy Options
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Policy Brief Issue and Policy Options
Policy Brief Issue: Addressing Homelessness in California
The issue of homelessness in California is sensitive because every Californian requires a home as a fundamental need to live a healthy and dignified life. Nonetheless, more than 160,000 Californians encountered the homelessness problem based on the 2020 survey (Davalos & Kimberlin, 2022). The population affected by the homelessness problem is mainly the unemployed and low-income households across different counties in California. In other words, the issue of homelessness in California is associated with discriminatory land use, lack of tenant protection, inadequate investment in mental health services, rising housing prices, and stagnant income. 
Although homelessness is temporary for some people in California, most people also experience chronic homelessness. They live in shelters because they cannot afford a regular, adequate, and fixed nighttime residence. At least 77% of homeless people in California are single adults, 8% are unaccompanied youths, and 15% are families with children (Davalos & Kimberlin, 2022). Therefore, homelessness in California is an issue that requires to be resolved because those experiencing homelessness at any age face economic hardships, educational inequalities, trauma, and adverse health outcomes. Unhoused Californians require support, and state policymakers are obliged to end homelessness in California. 
Policy Options
The issue of homelessness in California can be addressed through the following policy options. 
California should initiate a policy to develop a permanent supportive housing project. This policy should focus on evidence-based housing intervention to promote affordable housing across the state (California Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council, 2018). The project should adopt programs for special needs, mental health problems, low-income households, and homeless veterans. 
Another policy option is rapid rehousing and homeless prevention. This option will promote rapid rehousing as an intervention to assist the affected population in exiting homelessness by finding permanent houses and making necessary payments to ensure affected people stay in decent houses. 

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