The movie begins with two main characters who are Hellen and Paris. Hellen is the queen of Sparta and Paris comes out as the prince of Troy. Over time, the two become lover birds. This is despite the fact that she is already married to Menelaus. We clearly see Paris convincing Hellen to leave her husband. After seriously thinking over it, Hellen gives in and decides to leave her husband in order to be married by Menelaus. They sail together back top Troy.

On discovery that his wife had been taken away, Melanaus orders his brother to assist him in his mission of bringing her back. Agamemnon gladly accepts this duty as he sees it as an opportunity to getting more powerful. They set off for their mission with ships totaling over ten thousand with around 50,000 men overboard. The Greeks overwhelm the Trojans with Achilles having a significant contribution to success. After discovering the story of Hellen, Menelaus’ brother decides to fight even harder. King Priam swears that Paris must win as he considers fighting for love being more imperative than even fighting for prowess.

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