High expectations; harmful or helpful? Many parents want their child to be top of their class, make straight A’s, and be something to brag about at the parent teacher conferences. Having high expectations for your children helps their mind set, education, and end results. Some people think it overworks the kid or lowers their self-esteem, although it has been proven that children who were expected to reach their parents expectations, do. First of all, having high expectations for your kid at early age will help the child over time.
They will grow up learning that they need to excel so they will not just one day, give up. Parents who set expectations usually see their children rise to their level of expectation. So setting the standards at high but achievable levels will cause children to step up even further making it easier in the long run. Some people do believe having these “goals”, for your child can lower their self-esteem, but how could someone’s self-esteem be low when they are successful and making profitable living just from the expectations that were set for them as a child?
Parents who expect their child to make amazing grades, talk about school, and check up on their child’s progress in school regularly helps the child but if a parent neglects this week’s quiz in, let’s say math, they send the wrong message to their children. Helping them study for the math quiz is an important part of setting the expectation for college. For instance, many families in Asian countries have set the expectation for their child early on so they grow up thinking that if they don’t excel in school they are a disappointment.
Therefore, these children overachieve in all that they do. They do great in school, go to college, and make a fairly nice living. This race has been known to be very smart and prosperous. So, wouldn’t it be great if everyone became successful from high expectations and a little push from the parent? Finally, the end results. Being a child with parents having high expectations is a gift. If the parent pushes them to reach their expectation that’s just helping the child be successful in life.
Those parents just want them to live a happy-fat-wallet-life. People say it may over work the child but really that child is working towards success. A little hard work isn’t hurting anybody if they know the outcome. Say a child made outstanding grades all through school due to the parents pushing them to. Then, they went to college, let’s say Harvard; why? Because the kid grew up thinking he needed to excel.
Well, that kid goes to Harvard, learns valuable skills, works hard for a high paying job, then ends up living an affluent life, successful and happy all because you had the right motivation. All in all, look where their parents pushed the kid to. They could of said, “Just try your best. ” but no, they said, “ You’re going to DO your best and your going to get there. ” High expectations help you have the motivation to reach what is expected of you. Why are you expected to be your best? Because you will definitely not get there by just being “alright. ”

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