This is for a project addressing a golf course. The client has the following issues:

Preliminarily, the problems are:

1. Loss of participation in the sport due to length of time commitment for a round,
2. frustration with high scores, lack of game improvement solutions.
3. Fewer players = loss of revenues for courses, equipment manufacturers, Tv revenues, etc
4. Lost balls = looking, searching, delays, frustration, etc
5. Expense of lost balls
6. Environmental impact of thousands of balls in waterways, landfills, etc

Prelim ideas:
Software = GPS, interface with existing golf cart GPS apps, handheld apps
Hardware = GPS device placed within golf ball, servers, handheld units
Database = Store all collected info, secure, member identifiers, primary keys, and passwords

The system/product will address the above listed address in terms of Software, hardware, and database. Not much in detail. High level only.

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