Hong Guang EV is a Chinese electric car manufacturer attempting to compete against Tesla.  Read the article below and answer the following questions:

1. Discuss the article from a market segmentation perspective.

2.  Are there cultural factors associated with this product that affects its marketing efforts.

3.  Give your personal assessement of whether this product will be successful or not.  JUSTIFY YOUR POSITION.

Include references/citations to support your response.


3 – 4 pages, Double-spaced, Cite your research and data (intext and reference page).References must include three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles.

Assignment 2 


Tech Company, Inc. (Tech Company) invites you to submit a response to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) on behalf of your region or territory. Tech Company is performing a competitive site selection process and is considering metro regions in North America, including U.S. Territories, for their new 100 person office. Please submit a response to this RFP, in the form of an essay, that tries to persuade Tech Company to locate to your region or territory. 

? 3 – 4 pages, Double-spaced, Cite your research and data (intext and reference page).References must include three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. 

? Suggested format: Thesis, Data and Thoughts, Summary


The below are Tech Company’s preferences and are not in a ranking order. We want to encourage you to think big and be creative in your response. Please address the drivers discussed below in your response/essay. Site/Building – As described herein, finding suitable buildings/sites is of paramount importance. We must ensure we have the best real estate options available whether this be a redevelopment opportunity, a partnership with the local government, or new

buildings. All options are under consideration.

Capital and Operating Costs – A stable and business-friendly environment and tax structure will be high-priority considerations for the Project. Incentives offered by the Territory and local communities to offset initial capital outlay and ongoing operational costs will be significant factors in the decision-making process.

Incentives – Identify incentive programs available for the Project. Outline the type of incentive (i.e. land, site preparation, tax  credits/exemptions, relocation grants, workforce grants, utility incentives/grants, permitting, and fee reductions) and the amount.

Labor Force – The Project includes significant employment requirements. The Project must be in an area that can fill the 100 estimated jobs that will be required over multiple years. A highly educated labor pool is critical and a strong university system is required.

Logistics – Personnel travel and logistics needs, both from population centers to the Project site, are critically important. The highway corridors must provide direct access to significant population centers with eligible employment pools. An international airport is also an important consideration. Tech Company has other offices in New York, San Francisco, and Miami.

Cultural Community Fit – The Project requires a compatible cultural and community environment for its long-term success. This includes the presence and support of a diverse population, excellent institutions of higher education, local government structure and elected officials eager and willing to work with the company, among other attributes. A stable and consistent business climate is important to Tech Company. Please demonstrate characteristics of this in your response.

Community/Quality of Life – The Project requires a significant number of employees. We want to invest in a community where our employees will enjoy living, recreational opportunities, educational opportunities, and an overall high quality of life. Tell us what is unique about your community.


1. Do you think the USVI (United States Virgin Islands) is a good option for Tech Company’s new 100 person office?

2. Please provide information regarding potential buildings/sites that could accommodate Tech Company’s new office.

3. Please provide a summary of the incentives offered by the USVI.

4. Please provide labor and wage rate information for the USVI.

5. Are there any higher education institutions in the USVI? If so, please help Tech Company understand how they can partner and be mutually beneficial with higher education institutions in the USVI.

6. Please provide highway, airport, and related travel and logistics information for all proposed sites.

7. Please include information on the USVI with respect to daily living, recreational opportunities, diversity of housing options, availability of housing near potential sites for the office, and pricing.

8. Please present any additional items and intangible considerations with respect to the USVI that Tech Company should consider

Assignment 3 



Using the attached Case Study Analysis Guide Template. Read the following case and develop a case study. Then answer questions separately. You are required to submit a typed, double-spaced, APA format, and grammatically correct document in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of at least 1 inch.Utilize the case study template. Document must include all in-text citation, reference page, and cover page. Only educational sources are allowed. Each case study must include three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. Document must be completely original, no form of plagiarism is tolerated. Any form of Plagiarism warrants a full refund. Please read the case study ‘REENERGIZING EMPLOYEES AFTER A DOWNSIZING” on pages 540 to 541. Read the case scenario, respond to the questions on page 542, and then conduct further research in peer-reviewed journal articles to support your responses to the questions. Total pages – 3 to 5 pages. References must include three (5) peer-reviewed journal articles. 

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