For your written response, let’s return to the basic four-part art historical analysis: looking, formal analysis, iconography, and iconology. Please choose ONE work of art from our Ancient Greece Reading below (scroll through the banner at the top). to an external site.)Using the information you find on the Metropolitan website as well as outside information (should you choose), please create a response that consists of:1) A brief description of the work (LOOKING)2) A brief formal analysis (highlight those aspects of the work you find most significant)3) A brief iconographical analysis4) A brief iconological section (OUTSIDE INFORMATION ON THE CULTURE WHICH GAVE RISE TO THE WORK)Remember that iconology should be relevant to your analysis. What about the ancient Greeks aids us in a deeper understanding of the work?Your response should be at least two pages double-spaced throughout (NO EXTRA SPACING BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS)

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