Indigenous individuals previously inhabited almost every region in America before the arrival of Africans and Spanish people. The encounter with Native Americans developed a defining moment in the world’s history. Additionally, the colonization of Americans developed a pattern of social control where the Africans played a significant role in the conquest of America. By participating in militias, the creation of black communities and the guard of colonial frontiers, African pioneers helped in the conquest of America.

            African pioneers who explored the New World significantly contributed towards the establishment and sustenance of colonial societies. The discovery of the American lands needed individuals that could settle, expand and secure them. Thus, the individuals from Africa applied military service as a way to inclusion and liberation in Spanish societies (38). Through this, the black pioneers figured significantly in securing the American lands and the Spanish thus had a resourceful human power that enabled them to conduct numerous military expeditions and colonize America (39). Creation of black societies thus was supported by the Spanish as it enabled them to conquer America.

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