The historically based movie, Kingdom of Heaven, is a 2005 film, centered on the occurrences of the Crusades in the 12th century. Produced and directed by Ridley Scott, the film’s focus is on Balian of Ibelin. The movie explores the religious conflict during 1143-93 in the Kingdom of Jerusalem.


The Basis of the Kingdom of Heaven is on the character, Balian, a blacksmith who was grieving over the death of his wife. Godfrey of Ibelin is the father Balian has never seen. Godfrey was on his way to the Holy land when he stopped in France to invite Balian to join him in his journey (Scott). Balian refused to join his father because he never raised nor acknowledge him. At around the same time, a priest insulted Balian’s late wife and Balian ended up killing the priest. To escape the consequences of that murder, Balian decided to relocate to the Holy Land with his father. It was during the journey to Jerusalem and the events that happened afterward that reveal the main theme of this film.

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