The Basque Language is very unique and it nothing like the other co-official languages of Spain. Research this language (the first video below has what you need!) and write a brief report that addresses the following:

a. By what name is the Basque language known? What do the Basque people call their region?

b. What are the origins of this language? Is it a Romance language derived from Latin?

c. Approximately how many people speak it today?

d. What is its status in Spain? (Official language? Dialect?)

e. Find a brief side-by-side comparison of Spanish and Basque and include that in your report.

HIGHLY Recommended Videos on the Basque Language:

Basque: A Language of Mystery
Basque – A Language of Mystery (Links to an external site.)
Basque Compared to Other Languages:
What Basque Sounds Like Compared to Other Languages (Links to an external site.)

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