Choose to write a bout a historical figure from the list. It must include 2 primary textual sources, 2 secondary sources (1 book, 1 article), and 1 image. Please see the assignment paper for full details.


Born to  Caterina and Piero da Vinci, Leonardo Da Vinci still is one of the applauded Renaissances in Italy generally remembered for his flourishing artistic work “Mona Lisa” and “The last supper” (Dunn par 5).  Da Vinci is also known to have studied the various laws as regards to nature and science thus, making him a great architect, inventor, sculptor, and draftsman there was to be (Dunn par 7). In short, the trace of Leonardo Da Vinci can largely be traced along his artistic capabilities through which he was to later contribute to the Italian Renaissance. This paper will explore the historical background of Leonardo Da Vinci, his achievements in life and further assess the sources used in this analysis. 

Historical background of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Tuscany in the city of Anchiano, currently known as Italy, making him a born Italian citizen. He was a son to Piero da Vinci and Caterina; parents who were not married to each other. The draftsman (Leonardo Da Vinci) was the only child to his parents but also had other half siblings.  At the age of five years, Da Vinci still resided at the home in Vinci, a property which belonged to the relatives of his father. At a later stage, Da Vinci was also raised by his uncle who shared the passion for nature which Leonardo later came to emulate. He was a painter, inventor a skill that he mastered as an effect of his specialization in the science of nature and art during his school days. Leonard Da Vinci did not receive any formal education during his childhood apart from reading, writing and calculating (Dunn par 2-5). Nevertheless, he was appreciated by his father for his artistic nature, and around the age of fifteen years, he made a sculptor and painter of Andrea Del Verrocchio, of Florence who gave him more recognition for his uniqueness.

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